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Terracotta Warriors 210-209 BC, Qin Dynasty Size: 49“ X 26” X 24” 
Presented here are three authentic Terracotta Warriors for private collection. 
Terracotta Warriors and Houses, known in Chinese as “ 兵馬俑”, is one of the most astonishing archeological discoveries in the 20th century, and the Eighth Wonder of the World. Buried in 210-209 BC with Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, near the city of Xian, the Terracotta Army was created, according to ancient beliefs, to help Emperor Qin continued his reign in the afterlife. 
The Terracotta Army was discovered on 03/29/1974 in the eastern suburbs of Xian, and this happened as an accident, as a group of local peasants (Yang Zhifa 楊志 發, etc. ) were digging in the area near the royal tomb for a water well, and uncovered the sacrificial artifacts. None recognized their significance; instead, fearing that they were Satanic beings, the peasants fled. 
Terracotta Warriors and Horses (兵馬俑) 
The authentication was performed in California, USA, by creditable DAYBREAK/Archaeometric Laboratory, using Thermoluminescence Authenticity Dating technology. It is estimated that the material of the sample was last fired 1780 +/- 310 years before the present date, consistent with the suggested date of the artifacts. 
Shown in the left picture is one of the holes (the back head) where the sample of clay was taken for the authentication test. 

Terracotta Warriors and Horses ( 秦代武士俑)